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Testimonials from clients who have experienced Quantum Biofeedback with Trevor May.

"I sought out this healing technology after two very bad bouts of food poisoning which left me with no options. I had tried Biofeedback in my 20s and saw and felt impressive results, so I went in search of a practitioner and am so glad I found Trevor! After our first session I saw a noticeable difference and knew I had to make this a part of my healing process and self-care. I feel this really is our future technology and where science and medicine is going.

This INDIGO Biofeedback technology picks up on so many things our mainstream tests just cannot even access. I do regular monthly sessions as I believe it is an important aspect to living a healthy life, and results are noticeable and immediate! Trevor is a great practitioner. He is very attentive, compassionate, methodical, and genuinely cares about the people he helps. If you are suffering with any health issue I would highly suggest you do at least one session to see and feel the immediate relief and results this technology can bring."

-- Jannine Murray, Health and Fitness Specialist, Victoria, BC

"For many years, I worked in around petroleum products as well as pesticides and other chemicals. It occurred to me that my exposure to these compounds could be making me ill, so when I learned of Trevor and the INDIGO, I knew it could be helpful in addressing these environmental stressors and how they might be affecting me. 

I have now been a client of Trevor’s for about four years and believe he and the INDIGO have played a key role in both improving and maintaining my general health. However, one of the most notable benefits came as a result of the work we did to reduce stress around my thyroid as it had become enlarged to the point where my doctor told me we needed to operate. In the months leading up to that operation and for months afterwards, we did focused biofeedback training for supporting the thyroid. Just prior to the operation, imaging showed that the growth had shrunk quite perceptibly. My surgeon was intrigued by this. When the operation was complete, pathology confirmed that the growth was benign, which was another big surprise to my doctor. I am convinced, as was he, that the stress reduction work that I did with Trevor and the INDIGO was responsible for this great result. Today, I continue to have regular sessions with Trevor to work on other aspects of health and wellness and to use the stress data to help me make better lifestyle choices. I would thoroughly recommend INDIGO biofeedback to anyone wanting a better sense of their body’s needs and stressors. Trevor is a methodical and thoughtful practitioner whom I know I can trust to help guide me on my journey to healing."

-- Sidney M. B., Gabriola Island, BC

"I wish to share that I have been a regular client of Trevor’s for about three years now.  He was recommended to me because I had severe back problems diagnosed as spinal stenosis, with pain that had me in bed.  Over time, with the focused Biofeedback stress reduction, I can now walk up a flight of stairs with ease.

He has also worked on a couple of heart issues and I now am doing very well after the INDIGO identified some potentially helpful vitamins and minerals for heart support, which my doctor agreed I should take on a regular basis.

Being a diabetic, the device and Trevor can keep me abreast of the relative stress levels of organs such as pancreas, kidneys, eyes and heart, as they are all organs affected when you have diabetes.

I also have digestive problems and Trevor has been able, not only to help me reduce stress in these organs, but also to get a handle on any necessary lifestyle changes I may wish to consider or research.

I am most appreciative for the INDIGO and the specialist who seems to miss nothing. 

Thank you Trevor!"

-- Vickie T., Victoria, BC

"Since my partner and I had separated, my three year old son was having aggressive episodes, tantrums, and other inappropriate behaviours, which concerned me greatly. I felt that he was possibly giving vent to a lot of pent up emotions about this major change in our lives. I brought my son to have biofeedback with Trevor May recently, as I had had biofeedback myself some time ago and found it very beneficial.

After the first session, I noticed shifts beginning to happen, and after the third and fourth sessions, my son was back to being a happy, playful three year old boy. Trevor has a gentle way with children that makes them feel safe and comfortable. My son sat in the chair through every session without ever complaining or wanting to leave early. It was so wonderful to have him respond so well and transform back to the happy little boy he was meant to be. I would thoroughly recommend to any parent experiencing emotional or behavioural problems with their children to consider some Quantum Biofeedback sessions with Trevor."

-- B. F., Sidney, BC

"I would recommend Quantum Biofeedback training provided by Trevor May, for anyone wanting to know more about their nutritional status and working towards a more relaxing sense of wellness.

There are times in our lives when we struggle with physical and emotional issues that need additional support. In my search for answers to my health questions I decided to take a leap of faith and I looked to non-conventional therapy for help. Trevor was the second Quantum Biofeedback therapist I visited - (I did not feel a strong therapeutic connection to the first).

Trevor is a caring, gentle soul who will work with you to find those obstacles of health and well-being that may be standing in your way. It will be up to you to act on some of these discoveries. For others Trevor will use biofeedback to realign your reality with your health goals. Trevor is a gifted biofeedback specialist and I feel lucky to have had the pleasure to work with him on my health issues. I have come away feeling more relaxed and, in the process have learned so much about what my body needs to move forward to optimal health."

-- Diana V., North Saanich, BC

"Right from my first session with Trevor, I knew I was in the right place for my healing to occur.

My world had collapsed after a long and highly stressful move to Sidney from the East Coast. I was depleted and experiencing a debilitating depression, with additional symptoms of anxiety, constant crying, feelings of helplessness and an inability to sleep. Having had a bad experience previously with antidepressants, I sought an alternative and Wellness by the Sea is where I came.

The Quantum Biofeedback brought relief that was noticeable right after my first visit which was extremely encouraging. I subsequently signed up for the six month plan and felt steady improvement with each session.

Now after just a few weeks, my life is back on track and I continue to feel stronger as Trevor's intuitiveness deciphers the issues that arise and brings what was previously unconscious into full awareness, allowing my body to heal itself.

It is a wonderful thing and I wholeheartedly recommend Wellness by the Sea and Quantum Biofeedback. Thank you so much Trevor."

-- Sarah F., Sidney, BC

"I am deeply grateful for the guidance that brought me to Wellness by the Sea - and what an apt name. Trevor’s insightful interpretations during the Quantum Biofeedback sessions helped me set down my anxiety and negativity by the side of the road, and walk away with a much more optimistic outlook on life. When taken seriously, positive results are inevitable. Many thanks."

-- M.D., Brentwood Bay, BC

"I came to work with Trevor and Quantum Biofeedback suffering from facet joint arthritis. The pain was so debilitating at the time that I had difficulty negotiating stairs and rarely ventured beyond my driveway on foot. I was under a lot of stress. By just the second session, I could feel that the stress was diminishing and I was starting to learn some of the important connections between my pain and other stressed areas of my body. By the sixth session, I felt able to begin exercising again and noticed that there was no pain in my legs afterwards. By the tenth session, my back was feeling better. My confidence in myself grew. I was breathing more easily, and had more stamina in the mornings. My joints continued to improve after each session until my back was so much better, that I only needed to see my chiropractor once a month for maintenance. After this, we shifted to other areas of my health.

I thoroughly recommend Quantum Biofeedback for anyone who wants to know their body better and help it rebalance by reducing stress. It has given me back my quality of life and instilled in me a new awareness of my body's messages and confidence to move forward."

--Connie G., Sidney, BC

"The thing I liked most about the whole Quantum Biofeedback experience was the result after the first session.  I quit smoking cigarettes the next day - a thirty year habit. That was two years ago! It is just such a fascinating modality, which covers such a wide range of issues both past and present, conscious and unconscious as well as patterns and behaviors, and gives one so much to work with in making healing changes in body, mind and spirit.

I would say that the three biggest benefits were: Awareness of issues unknowable on one’s own; Healing, both consciously, subtle, and unconsciously with an over all sense of improved  well being; and a feeling of progressive positive change if one has more than a few sessions so the work can continuously progress.

I highly recommend Quantum Biofeedback to everyone and anyone for any reason at all, or no reason specifically other than to explore one’s body, mind and spirit in a healing way. For myself, and my teenage son, biofeedback with Trevor May at Wellness by the Sea was an incredibly positive, fascinating and extremely helpful healing experience."

-- Colleen S.

"When I first came to see Trevor for Biofeedback, I had been steadily and mysteriously losing weight for six months. In that time I had gone from 165 pounds down to 146 pounds. My doctors could offer no explanation based on their tests, so I came to Trevor to see if we could get some clues as to what was happening. I immediately learned that my caffeine intake was too high and my water intake was too low, so I made changes to these things immediately, but continued biofeedback every other week. To my surprise, the weight loss trend ceased the week following my first session on the INDIGO. Then gradually my weight began increasing three or four pounds every ten days. It is now 159 pounds and still rising, my colour is good and I am feeling healthier than I have in a long time! This biofeedback technology is powerful and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about their body's needs and get it back on track naturally. Thanks Trevor!"

-- Gerry Martin, Sidney, BC

“Hi Trevor, so far complete success. Intention is more than half the battle, but know that your work (with the Quantum Biofeedback) and the BioTuner helped a lot. I just wanted you to know that I haven't smoked (for nearly three months). Tomorrow, I am picking my son up and he will learn for the first time that I am no longer smoking. Thank you very much!”

-- M.P., Saltspring Island, BC

"I recently brought my daughter to see Trevor for Quantum Biofeedback at Wellness by the Sea Healing Centre.  My daughter had been suffering from a diagnosed depression and wanted to find an alternative to drug therapy.  She began on a six month plan and within a few weeks, her symptoms had begun to recede.  After a few more sessions, she reported finding it easier to manage stressful situations and was feeling happy again.  She now has been able to hold a job which she enjoys and is free of her depression.  Quantum Biofeedback was a powerful tool in helping my daughter regain her quality of life and I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves facing similar challenges."

-- B.F., Victoria, BC

"Quantum Biofeedback has helped me to restore my inner balance and to manage my stress much better.  It has given me important insights into what is going on in my body and mind and I do not get run down and sick like I used to either.  It has been so effective for me that now my whole family is getting Quantum Biofeedback with Trevor at Wellness by the Sea.  I would recommend Quantum Biofeedback to anyone wanting to know what is stressing their bodies and keen to do something about it!!"

-- K.G., Victoria, BC

"I went to see Trevor at Wellness by the Sea with the hope of gaining a clearer understanding of my body’s current nutritional needs.  Through the biofeedback process I gained much more than initially hoped.  Not only did it dramatically reduce my stress levels, but I now have a comprehensive ”health game plan” that has helped me take responsibility for my health and wellness back into my own hands.  I highly recommend Trevor’s Quantum Biofeedback services to anyone with a body and the desire to be informed about their wellness!"

-- Charlotte Geddes, Victoria, BC

"I felt immediate relief in my head when the machine worked on clearing the effects of alkyd paint, which I’ve been working with over the past few days and having severe reaction to. I felt a lot of physical changes happening (lungs relaxing, sect.) when the machine balanced me out for penicillin reactions."

-- I.G

"I had been suffering for a number of years from the effects of stress and from Rosacea, an unsightly skin condition on my face. After about four sessions of Quantum Biofeedback, I began to notice improvement in my condition and by the end of a six month program, my Rosacea had virtually disappeared. Today, months later, the Rosacea symptoms are gone and I am enjoying life without it. I am also able to manage my stress levels much better. Quantum Biofeedback helped my body to heal itself and was definitely the answer for me. I would recommend it to anyone as a safe, effective, non-invasive therapy."

-- D. J., North Saanich, BC