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Buy Used INDIGO or SCIO Equipment

Buying A Used INDIGO or SCIO

EPFX SCIO, Harness and LaptopThere are numerous Quantum Biofeedback devices for sale on E-Bay and other venues, especially SCIOs, but the trouble with them is that you never know what you are getting. How old is the device? How was it used? Is the vendor the registered owner?

Trevor can help you find a device that meets your needs and your budget without the risks of buying “sight unseen”. Trevor is never satisfied until you have the device you want which meets your needs and he is there for you after your purchase if you have questions or concerns. Private sale SCIOs range in price from about $4,000 to $7,000 or more. When purchasing your device through a private vendor, training is not included, but this can be remedied with a supplemental "adoption" offered by Quantum World Vision.

Pre-Owned Current Sale Listing

Check out Trevor's best deals on used and sometimes never pre-owned INDIGOs and SCIOs. The time to make your move is now! Training and computer options are available. All prices in USD.

  • INDIGO - Pre-Owned $8,995 6-month warranty
  • SCIO - Pre-Owned $4,995 6-month warranty
  • SCIO - Refurbished LIKE NEW $7,995 2-year warranty

For more information, please contact Trevor directly by phone or e-mail so that he can discuss your needs, arrange a demonstration, and assist you with a purchase.

INDIGO Biofeedback device DVD plus Install Guide for INDIGO Biofeedback device

Broker Sales

Never used device! New in the box. Comes with brand new harness, and all original documentation plus accessory pet pad and breast harness. Other related books are available free at the purchaser’s option. This device was purchased to upgrade from the SCIO but, due to circumstances, was never used.  It is priced for a quick sale. Call me today, while it is still available.

INDIGO Biofeedback device, harness, pet pad for sale
INDIGO Biofeedback device for sale